Sixth and Final Installment of Amc Tales of the Walking Dead

The sixth and final installment of AMC’s Tales of the Walking Dead, titled “La Doa,” which stars Danny Ramirez and Daniella Pineda, airs this Sunday.

Additionally, we get to meet La Doa Alma, played by Julie Carmen, a mysterious elderly woman, in Decider’s unique look at the episode in addition to their two characters.

Without giving any spoilers away, there’s a lot more going on in this episode than just two teenagers hanging around at a dying woman’s house.

This is closer to the time-loop episode starring Parker Posey and Jillian Bell than the more traditional Alpha (Samantha Morton) story that aired a few weeks ago, according to viewers of the anthology series’ earlier episodes.

The reason the program is worth watching, in my opinion, is because of the big swings like “La Doa,” which would never be possible in the regular Walking Dead series (although we have no idea yet if AMC will continue this experiment).

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