The Rings of Power Episode 4 Sector Invasion

More than its predecessors, the Rings of Power Episode 4 Sector Invasion. I could just want a high-profile J.R.R. Tolkien TV series to be successful since I have the White Tree of Gondor tattooed on my bicep. 

The program has finally started to narrow its focus and stop using cheap “cliffhanger” mysteries that hurried the plot forward. Instead, it is letting the plot develop naturally through interactions between characters who have distinct personalities, objectives, fears, plans, and desires. 

The Rings of Power Plot

The episode’s title is “The Great Wave.” No, not the panopticon that right-wing zombie Peter Thiel invented, but rather the mythical crystal ball that he chose to name it after. It depicts the mythical White Tree of the kingdom’s falling petals, followed by the destruction of the entire country by a huge tidal wave.

If this vast kingdom of Men does not turn from their evil deeds, make peace with the Elves, and once more follow the will of the gods known as the Valar, Muriel’s father believed — and he was probably right. He was exiled to his tower because he attempted to persuade everyone to do this.

In other words, Elrond says, let the grudge go and cherish your father while you still have him.

Watch it or Skip it?

Who deserves credit for the show’s abrupt creative change? Maybe the episode’s co-writer Stephany Folsom, who worked on the script with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, the showrunners? 

Perhaps the entire team, which may have first rolled out the tale too slowly and haphazardly, has now had a chance to lay out all the parts and can finally bring them together by episode four? Maybe I’m simply getting used to it now. 

In any case, I’m pleased with how much I enjoyed the episode and eager to see where the plot goes now that it’s, ya know, moving. 

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